The Range at the Ridge

$15 for 30 minutes
$30 for 60 minutes

Download the Toptracer Range app to track your swing performance and see how it evolves over time. Create a profile directly in the app to get started.

Toptracer Membership

Unlimited Use of The Range, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY*

Annual Memberships:

  • 50$ Monthly Individual Membership
  • 60$ Monthly Family Membership

Contact the Golf Shop at 903.785.8076 for more info.
*Not Available During Special Events, All Membership Types Have A 12-Month Commitment.

“The Range at The Ridge”

Who knew a thin blue trace could change the trajectory of a centuries-old sport? Time-tested and Tour-approved, Toptracer has transformed how we watch golf on TV, how we practice golf at the driving range, and the business of golf itself.

Today, every golfer—from the pros to the Joes—has access to valuable shot insights like how far, how fast, and (for some of us) where did that shot even go? Through the gamification of the driving range experience, Toptracer is introducing golf to a new generation of players, teeing up ranges for long-term success, and bringing people together in meaningful ways.

Toptracer Now Available